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The astute amongst you might have noticed that I refer to the various parts of the “White Cairns” series as Episodes. And those that are fond of a bit of detective fiction (or just clever!) might have worked out from that clue that the original idea was for White Cairns to be a TV drama series.

A couple of people have questioned why I don’t just carry on with my idea to make it into a drama series. But the reasons I originally shelved it are still valid – firstly, another series came out which was very similar in feel and setting, called “Rockface”:


Once that started, I couldn’t see White Cairns being commissioned – it would already have been difficult, due to the amount of OB  (outside broadcast) filming that would have been needed, and the (sadly) unreliable Scottish weather and snowfall.

A second reason was that, as a newbie writer, the chances of getting a drama series commissioned are practically zero. Most scriptwriters serve a sort of ‘apprenticeship’; working on recurring dramas like “Doctors” before perhaps being promoted to “Casualty” or similar, and then, with a solid track record, they might have a chance of pitching an original idea.

The other main reason I stopped writing scripts was that I realised that it would be difficult to make a name as a scriptwriter whilst still being part-time – if you are lucky enough to get a commission, from what I was told, the time-scales and deadlines are extremely tight, and I couldn’t see how I would fit that around a full-time job plus family commitments.

So, for all of these reasons, I shelved the dream of writing for TV drama, and White Cairns was consigned to the dusty recesses of my laptop.

Until, that is, G.R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones” came along, and then I picked up on the burgeoning popularity of eBooks… but that should probably be the subject of another post!

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