How does it feel to ski?

To ski is to fly without actually leaving the ground

I’ve had some sublime moments when skiing. Perhaps you have too, depending on your sport. Moments when it all comes together, almost magically – weather, technique, terrain, mental awareness – and things just seem perfect.

In particular I remember a couple of times at Cairngorm (of all places, considering I’ve had some great holidays skiing in Europe and New Zealand). Oh yes, and one at Glenshee.

The first that comes to mind is skiing in about 5 inches of soft, fresh, powdery snow at the side of Coire Cas. There was enough snow that I couldn’t see my boots when I looked down, which was a weird feeling, but the snow was just amazing – I remember it felt like skiing in double-cream; just effortless and wonderful. I wished it could go on forever…

Another time, I think it was a couple of years earlier as I wasn’t such a good skier, I remember meeting up with some of the guys from our local ski shop on a gorgeous blue sky day and tagging along with them as they went off to the West Wall (the steepest run at Cairngorm). A lot of the time the run is too icy or too dangerous and it’s closed, but this day it was open and had about a foot of deep, fresh snow on it.

The first time down I was too tentative and didn’t ski well, but on the second run it all just seemed to come together and I bounced down through the soft snow as if I knew what I was doing. The smile on my face was beaming almost as much as the glorious sun!

I think I’ll save the Glenshee story for tomorrow, as it fits quite well with the photo for 6 days to go…

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