The Fey Bard

The Celtic Fey, Book 4

The Fey Bard cover

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A magical song, a mysterious singer
To be sure of his place at the Highland Music School, Andy Morris—wannabe musician from the wrong side of town—needs a song. But not just any song, THE song that will leave the tutors with their kilts in a commotion.

Unfortunately, standout songs are in short supply. Until he's playing the virtual reality game, Feyland, and hears a fey bard play a haunting tune. It's the song he needs, if he can just track down the singer.

But finding the singer—and her song—isn't as easy as just walking up and asking her. When she disappears—as if by magic—and then appears on the streets of his hometown of Perth in Scotland, Andy's quest to track down the mysterious musician has only just begun…


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