Kelpie Curse

The Celtic Fey, Book 2

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Legends aren't supposed to come to life. Someone should've told that to the developers of the virtual reality game Feyland.

And your life isn't supposed to become a legend. But for Elphin the minstrel, his life resembles a fairytale. One of those dark fairy stories that gives you nightmares and wakes you screaming in the dark.

Trapped by an evil crone in the icy wastes of the faerie realm, his future seems hopeless—until he meets Scots teenager Corinne MacArthur, who stumbles into his life via the high-tech computer game Feyland.

She holds the key to his deliverance—if he can only keep her safe from the otherworldly creatures who inhabit the realm.

It's no small task for a peaceable troubadour in a land which blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, where magic is a stock-in-trade, and where the improbable is a daily occurrence…


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